CNC Knee Mills
Vertical CNC Milling Machine with Centroid CNC Control.  CLICK FOR HOMEPAGE.


Got repeat parts to make? Automate the machining tasks with CNC. Conversational Programming is fast and easy. Program parts right at the control or offline with your desktop PC. Convert geometry from CAD files into CNC program files, etc.

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JET CNC Milling Machines

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ACU-RITE CNC - choose from 3 axis or 2 axis control
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• Bolthole position & pattern calculations
• Tool offsets and tool library
• Jog control, move quickly to locations, using 1 axis or 2 axes simultaneously
• 3-D contouring
• Ability to import and run G-code files from CAD-CAM
• Includes 4 hours training at JET in Tennessee USA

* Choose from 9 x 49" or 10 x 50" table
* Variable speed 3HP motor 220 or 440 volts, 3 phase
* Meehanite casting
* Precision bored and honed milling head
* Large diameter quill is chromed
* High precision Class 7 spindle bearings
* Chrome plated motor shaft with lower bearing support
* Spindle head is internally cooled
* Heavy-duty splined motor drive
* One-piece quill pinion and shaft
* Three-stage power downfeed with automatic stop
* Heavy-duty spindle brake
* Locks on all movable surfaces
* Precision hardened and ground ways and table
* Adjustable gibs throughout
* Internal coolant tank built into casting base for use with coolant system (Coolant pump not included)
* Tolerance test sheet included

image of JET CNC Milling Machine with Acu-rite CNC control


GMC Knee type CNC Milling Machines

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• Taiwan mill with Centroid CNC control made in USA
• CENTROID 3 axis fully automatic CNC control # M400S
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• ISO 9001 certified factory
• 4th axis is upgradeable
• Easy switch from CNC to manual operation
• CNC control coolant system on/off, with base chip/coolant pan
• Model # GMM-1054-CNC have mechanical variable spindle speed from 70-4,300 rpm, CNC control spindle start/stop, spindle auto/manual, spindle clockwise/counter clockwise
• Model # GMM-1054-CNC have inverter drive spindle speed from 65-5,000 rpm, Model # GMM-1054F-CNC has CNC programmable spindle speeds, from 65-5,000 rpm.
• CNC control spindle start/stop, spindle auto/manual, spindle clockwise/counter clockwise
• Heavy Duty Meehanite Castings.
• Hardened and ground ways: 10x54 size has box ways on knee and Column
• Turcite-coated surfaces for x/y axis
• Precision ground C7 class ballscrews on x, y and z axis with pre-loaded angular contact bearings
• End travel CNC software limit switches for xyz (three) axis
• Safety handwheels equipped for all axis for manual movement
• Auto lubrication with CNC control alarm and stopping after the program finish
• Two rubber chip guards and Tool box kit
• Power source 208V or 220V,3phase (440V is optional)
• One year industrial warranty for parts

Photo of GMC brand CNC Milling Machine Photo of Centroid CNC Control
  Standard Size Mill Heavy Duty Extra Heavy Duty
Table Size 9 x 49 inch 10 x 54 inch 10 x 54 inch
Table Load Capacity 650 Lbs 750 LBS 850 LBS
Bed way type Box way on knee
Dovetail way on column
Box way on knee
Box way on column
Box way on knee
Box way on column
X Axis Travel 33 inch 36-1/2 inch 36 inch
Y Axis Travel 12 inch 16-1/2 inch 16-1/2 inch
Z Axis Travel 16 inch 16-1/2 inch 16-1/2 inch
Ram travel 12 inch 12-1/2 inch 12-1/2 inch
Spindle Taper Type R-8 R-8 NT-40 or CAT-40
AC Spindle Motor 3 HP ,220V 3 HP ,220V 5 HP ,220V
Spindle speed: Model 949-CNC:
vari-speeds 60-4300 rpm
Model 949F-CNC:
CNC speeds 65-5000 rpm
Model 1054-CNC:
vari-speeds 60-4300 rpm
Model 1054F-CNC:
CNC speeds: 65-5000 rpm
Model 5KV-CNC:
vari-speeds 60-4300 rpm
Model 5KVF-CNC:
CNC speeds: 65-5000 rpm
Quill spindle Diameter 3 3/8 inch 3 3/8 inch 4 -1/8 inch
Quill (Spindle) Travel 4 -1/2 inch 4 -1/2 inch 4 -1/2 inch
Table T-slot size 5/8 inch x 3 slots 5/8 inch x 3 slots 5/8 inch x 3 slots
Head tilting front/back 45 degree 45 degree 45 degree
Ram swivel right/ left 360 degree 360 degree 360 degree
Spindle to table 18 / 0 inch 17 / 0 inch 17 / 0 inch
Spindle to column 19 / 0 inch 27 / 4 inch 27 / 4 inch
Resolution 0.0001 inch 0.0001 inch 0.0001 inch
Repeatability 0.0003 inch 0.0003 inch 0.0003 inch
Repostioning 0.0002 /12 inch 0.0002 /12 inch 0.0002 /12 inch
Servo Motors xyz 29 inch/LB, DC 29 inch/LB, DC 29 inch/LB, DC
Rapid Traverse, xyz 230 IPM 230 IPM 230 IPM
Machine Weight: 2850 Lbs 3950 Lbs 4250 Lbs

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