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HVAC Machinery - Pittsburgh lock former machines
for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Duct work.

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Buying lots of preformed HVAC duct gets very expensive, but you can form your own with machines and tools for forming sheet metal into shapes for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning duct work. Cutting can be done using hand shears, a rotary slitter or sheet metal shear. 90 degree bends can be formed on "easy edger" right angle flanger or a sheet metal hand brake. A few other simple shapes can be bent using a bar folder, cleat bender or cheek bender but these methods are slow. More complex shapes and longer lengths are best formed on a HVAC roll forming machine also known as a lockformer machine. Pittsburgh lock, Drive Cleat, and ACME Double Seam are made on a machine with at least 5 sets of roller dies. Button Snap Lock and S clip need 9 sets of roller dies. If you need to feed lots of metal to a rollformer consider using an uncoiler. To form elbows use a manual or powered right angle flanger and slip rolls. Take careful note of the minimum and maximum allowed metal thickness and also the electrical requirements of any machine you are considering. The S & Drive Former, Button Snap Lock or Fourplex Cleat Former machines are normally 220 volts, 3 phase with optional 1 phase 220 volts costing extra. Some less expensive machines are designed for use in small shops, others may cost more but are for frequent heavy use.
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Most of our machines are quality made in USA such as Flagler, Ductformer and RAMS.

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Below is a chart showing HVAC locks formed in sheet metal duct and a gauge to inch to mm chart.

Picture of pittsburgh lock
Pittsburgh Lock
Picture of right angle flange
Right Angle Flange
Picture of S-clip cleat
uses 3-5/8" of metal
Picture of female button lock
Female Button Lock
Picture of male button lock
Male Button Lock
Picture of drive cleat
Drive Cleat
Picture of acme double seam lock
ACME Double Seam
Picture of standing seam
Standing Seam
Picture of T connection
T Connection
Sharp Lock, Open Lock, Closed Lock, Single Hem and Double Hem shown with Barfolder below
30 gauge
28 ga.
26 ga.
24 ga.
22 ga.
20 ga .
18 ga.
16 ga.
14 ga.
13 ga.
12 gauge
.0125 "

RAMS 24 gauge Pittsburgh Lock Former: $3695.
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Capacity: 24 - 28 gauge sheet metal.
Approximate Speed: 35 feet per minute
Dimensions: 32" L x 17" W x 9" H. Weight: 110 Lbs.
Motor is 1/2 H.P., 115 volts. 5.4 Amps, 60 cycle, 1 phase.
Optional Roll Sets for opposite side of machine:
• Right Angle Rolls: $695.
• Drive Cleat Rolls: $695.
• Double Seam ACME Rolls: $696.

RAMS 20 gauge Pittsburgh Lock Former: $5895.
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Capacity: 20 - 26 gauge sheet metal.
Approximate Speed: 25 feet per minute
Dimensions: 36" Long x 17" Wide x 34" High
Weight: 350 Lbs. Heavy duty cabinet stand included in price.
Motor is 1 H.P., 115 volts (or 208/220v). 60 cycle, 1 phase.
Optional Roll Sets for opposite side of machine:
• Right Angle Rolls:
• Drive Cleat Rolls: $995.

• Double Seam ACME Rolls: $995.
High Speed Version 20 gauge Pittsburgh machine: $7595.
Call 773-334-5000 to order a machine. Mon - Fri 9AM-5PM CST

Powered Flanger: $1295.
Powered Auto-Adjust Flanger: $1395.
Forms 1/4" flange on straight or curved pieces with adjustable autoguide to hold metal. Available for 24 gauge or 20 gauge machines.
Rams Power Flanger Option

RAMS Pittsburg Lock Former Machine. Pictured with optional Stand.
Picture of 24 gauge shown with optional $365 Stand. The stand is included with the 20 gauge machine.

Shafts to mount rolls on both sides of the machine. Torrington Needle Bearings and hardened steel components throughout (62 Rockwell). The cabinet and optional stand are heavy gauge steel with a nice hammertone green finish. A high quality machine.
Made in USA.
2 year warranty!

Birmingham Pittsburg lockformer machines $4495.
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Model L-20 Features:
• Power Flanger included on top of machine
• All steel forming head
• Hardened and ground shafts
• Case hardened steel forming rolls
• Machine cut gears
• Needle roller bearings
Capacity: 20 gauge (.036") max to 24 gauge (.024") min.
Not recommended for 26 gauge.
Uses approximately 1 inch of metal to form pittsburgh type lock.
Pocket Depth: 5/16" width of hammer-over edge, adjusts to 3/8"
Speed: 25 feet per minute
Motor: 1 H.P. 110 volt, single phase, V-belt drive
Stand: Arc welded steel
Dimensions: 36" x 17" x 37"
Weight: 320 pounds
Manufactured in Taiwan.
• Right Angle Rolls: $595
• Drive Cleat Rolls: $595.
• Double Seam ACME
Rolls: $595.

Pittsburgh Type Lock former optional rolls to mount on outboard shafts
Photo of Birmingham L-20 Pittsburgh type Lockformer with optional power flanger on top
Power flanger on top is included
Picture of pittsburg lock
GMC Pittsburgh sheet metal lock former Machines
Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine.Mon - Fri 8AM-5PM CST
• Made in Taiwan
• Available in two sizes:
* 20 gauge capacity (24 gauge min), 110 volt, 1.5 HP motor
$4595. Click to request a formal quote for this machine
* 16 gauge capacity (20 gauge min), 220 volt, 3 phase, 3 HP
$8995. Click to request a formal quote for this machine
• 3 sets of standard rolls included: Pittsburgh lock, Drive Cleat, and ACME Double Seam rolls - any two can be used together
• Power Flanger included on top of machine
• Optional rolls available: Right Angle Flanging and Standing Seam
Combo roll set: 20 gauge $795. / 16 gauge $995.
GMC Pittsburgh lock former machine

RAMS S & Drive Forming MACHINE: $8995.
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Made in USA with 2 year warranty!
Capacity: 22 gauge Maximum // 28 gauge Minimum (Mild Steel)
Speed: 30 FPM
Weight: 500 Lbs
Motor: 3 H.P., choose 115 V or 208-230 Volts, 1 phase
Torrington Needle Bearings.
Hardened steel components throughout.
Heavy gauge steel Cabinet with a Hammertone Green Finish.
20 Amp Circuit Breaker needed.

Image of RAMS S and Drive Roll forming machine made in USA
RAMS Auxiliary Rollforming MACHINE: $11,995.
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Made in USA - Price includes any 2 sets of rolls included FREE. This is the machine for very fast easy roller die changes.
Capacity: 20 gauge Max // 26 gauge Min (depends on roll set used). Speed: 40 Feet Per Minute.
Features: hinged table top and square drive shafts for easy access to change out a complete roll set in less than five minutes. Also quick jam clearing. Quick change tooling requires no keys or tools. This machine can quickly convert one use to another. Roll sets available: Hemming Rolls $1395, Pittsburgh Rolls $1495, Drive Cleat Rolls $1395, ACME Double Seam Rolls $1395, Male Button Lock Rolls $1495, Female Button Lock Rolls $1495,
6 in 1 Tap-in Rolls $1605.
RAMS Auxiliary HVAC Duct Forming Machine

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Made in USA, DuctFormer CR8-SDC makes Slip & Drive Cleats on the inboard rolls. 2 sets of optional rolls can be mounted on the outboard roll shaft extensions for 4 functions. 75 feet per minute.
* Optional Rolls for outboard side:

* Male & Female Button Lock
* ACME Double Seam Rolls
* Pittsburgh Rolls: 18 ga - 24 gauge * 16 gauge
* Flanging/Standing Seam Rolls
• Motor is 5 HP, 220 volts, 3 phase. 440 or 380 volts available.
• Capacities: 20 gauge maximum, 26 gauge minimum • 75 FPM
• 8 forming stations • Self-adjusting • All gear drive
• Extended entrance table with hardened rolls and gauges
• Oil bath transmission • Maintenance free bearings

Photo of DuctFormer model CR8-SDC Rollformer makes Slips and Drive Cleats. Optional Button Snap Lock.

• Other roll configurations available that are not shown here


This 16 gauge Pittsburgh Lock machine has 7 different forming stations with 2 forming positions. One position forms the Pittsburgh Lock, while the outer position has the ability of forming other profiles such as with a FREE set of rolls:
Acme, Drive Cleat
4 in 1 rolls (3/16" Right Angle Flange, 7/16" Right Angle Flange, Standing Seam and T-Connection).
* Capacity: 16-20 gauge uses approx. 1-3/8" of material
* Motor: 3 HP, 230 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz. (1 phase Optional)
* Depth of Pocket: 1/2" wide (adjustable to 3/8)
* Speed: 40-45 ft per minute
• Acme (Double Seam) Rolls (Type "L"): 16-22 gauge
• Drive Cleat Rolls: 20-26 Gauge 2-1/8", 1-1/8" width
• Combination 4-in-1 Rolls and 4-Step Gauge Straight Right-AngledFlange Rolls: 16-24 Gauge up to 7/16" high
• Right-Angled Flange: 22-26 Gauge 1-1/8", 5/8" seam
• Standing Seam: 22-26 Gauge 1-1/8", 5/8" seam
• T-Connection: 22-26 Gauge 1-3/4", 5/8" seam
16 gauge Pittsburgh Machine


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Stop cross braking! Save time! Save man power with a one man operation. This heavy duty 16 gauge (.06") beader comes with 5 sets of bead tooling that can be located anywhere over the 60" working length. Tooling is easily replaced if damaged. Exit support roll is powered to reduce hang up of metal. Manufactured in Vietnam.
Capabilities: 16 gauge (.060") x 60" mild steel or galvanized.
Powered by a 1 HP motor, 115 volts, single phase.

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Diagram of hvac duct with stiffening from duct beading machine
Picture of Duct Beader machine


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An affordable, versatile 30 inch long barfolder. The TinKnocker No. 30 Barfolder uses one motion to clamp and fold to desired angle. Easy to adjust internal back gauge allows for quick flange width selection.
This machine can make a Sharp Lock, Open Lock for Wire Edge, 90° Right Angle Flange, Closed Lock, Single Hem, Double Hem, Drive Cleat, S-Clip. Manufactured in Vietnam.

Capacity: 22 Gaugae
Max. Bend Length: 30"
Flange Width Range: 1/8" - 1"


Photo of TinKnocker Bar folder
This Barfolder makes Sharp Lock, Open lock for wire edge, 90 degree flange, Closed lock or single hem, Double hem, Drive clip, S-clip

Heavy duty 24 inch throat slitter with accurate easy adjusting back gauge and scale. Shown with optional heavy duty cabinet.

Capacity: 16 Gauge (.06" thick metal).
Speed: 65 FPM.
Minimum Slitting Width: 3/4".
Maximum Slitting width: 24-3/8".
Electrics: 1 H.P. electric motor can be used at 115V or 208-230 Volts,
THK Bearing Slide Rail for effortless one hand adjustment.
There is also an easy read scale and the adjustable top cutter eliminates the need for shims.
The $300 optional cabinet is heavy gauge steel.
Weight: 410 Lbs (Cabinet Mounted), 375 Lbs (Tabletop).
Made in USA with 2 year warranty!

Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine.


RAMS Slitter - shown with optional cabinet

RAMS Auto-Adjust POWER FLANGER: $3995.

20 gauge capacity. Stand alone type comes mounted in a heavy duty cabinet. The Power Flanger will form a 7/32" right angle flange on either straight or curved pieces. It has an adjustable auto guide which can be set to automatically hold the metal for turning the flange on both, a radius or a straight piece. This machine features Torrington needle bearings and hardened and ground shafts.
Made in USA with 2 year warranty!

Electrics: 110 volts, 1 phase
Size: 36" long x 17" wide x 34" high
Weight: 205 Lbs.
Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine.

Power Flanger Machine

POWER ROTARY CRIMPER BEADER MACHINE $8195. Great price includes choice of 2 roll sets.
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14 gauge capacity. Powered Beading, Crimping, Flanging.
Features: Main switch and air regulator. Integrated roller storage system to hold your frequently used roll sets. Control panel allows "on the fly" pressure and speed adjustments. Unique square drive shaft is stronger and eliminates the need for keyways for quick change of rolls. A time delay roller rotation can be adjusted to allow rollers to begin rotation prior to or after material contact. Easy adjustable back gage. 12 inch throat depth with no interference. Pressure sensitive foot pedal allows user to control the time the rollers contact the metal.
Roll Sets to choose from and their capacities: $295 each:
* Spin in Collar 20 gauge,
* Flat Hem 20 gauge,
* 45 degree Step 14 gauge,
* 3/16" Step 14 gauge,
* 1/8" Step 14 gauge
* 1/16" Step 14 gauge,
* Combo crimp/bead 5/16" attachment 20 gauge,
* Crimping 20 gauge,
* Ogee beads 14 gauge,
* Offset Swedge 14 gauge,
* Turning 20 gauge,
* 'V' groove 14 gauge,
* Elbow edge 20 gauge, Gore Edge 20 gauge,
* 1" bead 14 gauge, 1/2" bead 14 gauge, 3/8" bead 14 gauge,
* 5/16" bead 14 gauge, 1/4" bead 14 gauge,
* Heavy gauge or Spiral Pipe Crimp 16 gauge.
* Machine includes your choice of 2 of the above roll sets.

Made in USA - 2 year warranty!

Photo of RAMS Power Rotary Crimper Beader Machine


Our Ductformer TDFC Brake is for bending the 90 degree bends on rectangular duct work. It is a very efficient machine to bend straight duct joints and fittings with TDC type and TDF type flange connectors. Designed so one operator can quickly slide a piece of sheet metal into the machine and align the notches in an instant on the alignment blade located at the bend line. Other styles of ductwork such as Slips and Drives or straight duct can also be folded over or bent to 90 degrees. The machine can also fold any angle less than 90 degrees.
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* Forms TDFC duct and fittings
* Forms 16 gauge duct up to 5 feet long
* Infinitely variable
* No segment or setup changeovers needed
* Forms two piece and full wrapper duct
* Built in notch guide for one man operation
* Heavy duty steel construction
* Electrical: 110 volts or 220 volts, 1 phase
* Air compressor needed: 5 cfpm @ 80 psi

TDFC Brake

DUCT NOTCHER - 10 foot x 16 gauge
Much faster than hand notching. This 5 headed gang notcher is a fast and easy way to notch sheet metal ducting, in preparation to receive bar, S Cleats and Drive Cleats or other drive connections. A real money maker in that it is fast, accurate and durable. QuickNotch allows you to gang-notch sheet metal hydraulically up to 600% faster than by hand, without layout or scribing. It's the perfect tool for preparing bar, slip or "s" and other drive connections.
Capacity: 16 to 28 gauge mild steel
Notching Heads: 3 V and 2 corner, for 5 total. V Notch. 1-1/2" max
Motor & Electrics: 3 HP Dual Voltage,115-230/1phase/60Hz, 1800 RPM Dimensions: 79" L x 36" W x 36" H
Weight: 880 Lbs
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Duct Notching Machine with 5 heads


Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine. M-F 9AM-5PM CST

Capacity: 16 gauge(.060") mild steel
Weight: 75 pounds
Imported machine

Image of Pittsburgh Hammer


Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine. M-F 9AM-5PM CST

Capacity: 22 gauge(.030") mild steel
Depth of Throat: 7"
Weight: 71 pounds
Made in China.

 6 Standard Roll sets Included:
1/4"Turning  1/8"Turning       Wiring
Standard rolls include: 1/4 turning, 1/8 turning, wiring, crimping, burring, & ogee bead.
Burring      Ogee Bead

Rotary Cladding Machine

RAMS 24 gauge CRIMPER-BEADER: $1045.

Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine. M-F 9AM-5PM CST
Made in USA with 2 year warranty! The RAMS hand operated Crimper-Beader machine will provide you with single pass crimping and beading. It will also allow fade away crimping by simply adjusting the knurled wheel (no tools needed). By removing the ogee bead dies you can do crimping only or add auxiliary dies such as:
BD 1/4" Bead Die Set: $150.
OGB Ogee Bead Extension Set: $150.
Roll Form Kit: $275. (includes the following 4 roll sets+extension)

Capacity: 24 gauge (.024") mild steel
Machine size: 8" L x 10" W x 28" H
Shipping weight: 25 Lbs (11 kg)

RAMS hand operated Crimper-Beader machine

RAMS 20 gauge Rotary HAND FLANGER: $795.

• Forms 1/4" flange on straight or curved pieces with adjustable roll spacing
• Hardened steel rollers
• Edge finder C-clamp design
Made in USA with 2 year warranty!

Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine.

RAMS hand operated Rotary Flanger
RAMS 20 gauge CLEAT BENDER: $1045.
• 24 inch long
• Quick Release built into lower handle
• 3 Position handle - right / left / center
• Quality needle bearing design
Made in USA with 2 year warranty!
Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine.
Cleat Bender - Rams 20 gauge

22 gauge ELECTRIC CLEAT BENDER: $6750.
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Buy this Tin Knocker Number 30 Electric Cleat Bender for fast and smooth fabrication of drive cleats for ducts. Use this powerful machine to smoothly bend reverse, open hems with a swift forming action. The machine is equipped with a failsafe stop to prevent damage to the machine even if used improperly. It has a large table for safety and easy handling of finished ductwork.
Capacity: 22 gauge mild steel
Maximum Width: 30 inches
1 HP Motor with 110 Volts electrics
Weight: 650 Lbs.

Electric Cleat Bender
RAMS 20 gauge CHEEK BENDER: $995.
• Roller Guide End Plate
• Effortless Bending
• Quality needle bearing design
Made in USA with 2 year warranty!
Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine.
Check Bender - Rams 20 gauge

RAMS 24 gauge Drive Cleat End Notcher: $525.
• Notch Drive Cleats before and after they are formed.
• Bench mount design.
• Spring loaded handle.
• Easy to change hardened steel blades.
• Machine Dimensions: 4" x 6"
• Weight: 20 Lbs.
Made in USA with 2 year warranty!

Drive Cleat End Notcher

Sheet Metal Corner Notcher - pull lever type

Notching Force: 4 Tons
Maximum Notching size: 6" x 6 inches [150 x 150mm]
Metal Notching Capacity: 16 gauge (.06") [1.6mm]
Metal Piercing Capacity: 18 gauge (.045")[1.2mm]
Stroke: 3/4 inch
Weight: 165 Lbs. [75 kg]
Machine Size: 24 x 21 x 26 inches

$ 975.
Optional Stand: $279. extra

Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine. M-F 9AM-5PM CST


JET hand lever operated sheet metal corner notcher


Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine. M-F 9AM-5PM CST
• Foot Operated with Swivel Foot Pedal
• Water cooled (prep)
• Swivel Arms
• Universal Reversible Double End Arms, 90 & 22 Degrees
• Vertically Adjustable Lower Arms
• 6 Point Heat Selector
Capacity: 2 Pieces of 16 Ga. Mild Steel
15 KVA x 24" Arms
1 3/4" Dia. Arms
230 volt, 1 phase, 60 Hz Electrics Actuation: Hand Actuated
Max. Space Between Arms: 5-11"
1" Quick Release Tip Holders with No. 2 Morse Tape Sockets
(2) No. 2 Conical, 5/8" Dia. Alloy Tips
Approximate Weight: 675 Lbs.
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Image of Tin Knoker Spot Welder


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• Use this number 24 Collar Making Machine to notch, bead, crimp and roll complete round starting collars.
• Makes 3" to 14" diameter collars out of 24 gauge to 30 gauge galvanized in just one pass thru the machine.
• You just cut your metal to the width and length or use scrap metal.
• This machine will use 3" or 6" wide blanks with easy movement of the crimp roll.
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Collar Making Machine for HVAC ducts


This hand operated table shear cuts light gauge sheet metal, paper and thin plastic. Scissor type action with a hardened steel blade. Easily cuts: Stainless steel, Galvanized steel, Aluminum, PVC, ASJ Kraft paper, and other jacketing materials.
Bearing mounted roller cradle will support bulk rolls of material weighing up to 400 Lbs. No material mandrel needed.
A point of operation safety guard is included.
Shipping Weight: 650 Lbs.
Dimensions: 55" wide x 74" deep x 70 high inches
Capacity: 26-gauge galvanized/stainless steel & 22-gauge aluminum
Maximum Sheet Width: 48 inches
Table top height or working surface height: 34 inches
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Click to see a large photo of the Tin Knocker Jacketing Shear


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This machine can make letters and other shapes from sheet metal. It is designed to bend sheet metal strips with one of more bent up edges or seams. Drum return is no problem. The machine can also bend 12 inches of straight metal. The foot pedal operates the clamping of the metal to free up your hands to position the metal and work the machine.

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Letter Brake Machine


* Cut circles out of sheet metal
* Hand crank feed operation for easy cutting
* Equipped with back gauge for aid in positioning work
* Floor Legs Rack & Pinion, Feed for Tail Stock Flanging Rolls
* Capacity mild steel: 16 gauge.
* Capacity stainless: 20 gauge.
* Circle diameter: 3-42
* Diameter of cutters: 2
* Maximum flange depth: 3 * Depth head throat: 10
* Depth of tail stock: 5 1
* Horsepower: 1/3 HP * Cutter speed: 110

Sheet Metal Circle Shear - Click for extra large photo

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