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American Machine Tools Company is accedited by the Better Business Bureau! Click to verify. with A+ Rating

Do you want reasons why you should use American Machine Tools Company as your metal working machinery distributor?
We quote you our lowest price right up front.
Our sales engineers come from manufacturing backgrounds that give them the industry knowledge to calmly help you choose the right machine and that is important. Nobody wants to talk to pushy salespeople without expertise.
Since there are differences in quality between manufacturers we are honest about what you can expect from each machine we sell. This is to prevent unpleasant surprises when you start using a machine.
Our customer support is thorough, we will get you help when you have a problem.
And what about company ethics? Our company has the right ethics to stand behind our machines, and if we made a mistake we will correct it. There is nothing more important than good ethics, but it seems that not enough machinery distributors seem to take this as serious as they should. That is why American Machine Tools is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating . <<---Click to see.

When you consider all the facts, American Machine Tools Corporation should be YOUR machinery distributor. Whether your next job requires a machine for forming metal, cutting metal or shaping metal, our sales engineers can help you select our best machine to do the work at the lowest cost.

Relationships are important. American Machine Tools Corporation has strong relationships with our machine manufacturers to insure you get the assistance you need when you have a problem. We dont put up with anything less from our suppliers. If a problem does arise, American Machine Tools Company and our suppliers stand behind our machines with tech support available 8 hours per day, 5 days per week to solve any problems.
Some examples of our commitment:
When the new 90 ton press brake sold to Criotec in Mexico had problems the customer couldn't solve with tech support, a serviceman was sent there to fix it.
When the new 40x120 lathe sold to Quality Rewind & Electric in Canada had a problem the customer couldn't solve with tech support, a serviceman was sent there to fix it.
When the Forenta Company of Tennessee purchased a new bending roll machine that couldn't form the specific part as promised, we gave them a 100% refund.
When the Carthage Company of New York received their new CNC Bed Milling Machine with rain water in the CNC controller, the controller was replaced at no charge.
When Foothills Excavating of Colorado couldn't use their newly purchased line boring equipment, the customer was able to return the equipment for a refund minus the restocking cost.
When we accidentally shipped machines with 3 phase electrics instead of 1 phase electrics to Nitromotion Racing of Vancouver, Canada, we bought them a phase converter.
When Pettus Mechanical of Alabama bought 2 HVAC machines but couldnt get one of them to work even with our tech support, we were able to give them a 100% refund for it.
When Probat Burns of Illinois purchased a plate rolling machine with a defective roll, the defective roll was repaired by our serviceman.

These were some examples to show how American Machine Tools Corporation and our suppliers have the ethics to make sure the customer gets help with their machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of Machinery does American Machine Tools Corporation sell ?
Metalworking Lathes, CNC Lathes, Knee and Bed type Mills, CNC Mills, Shears, Hand Brakes, Press Brakes, Notchers, Ironworkers, Forming Rolls, Saws, Drill Presses, Surface Grinders, and portable Line Boring Tools.

Q. Does American Machine Tools Corporation sell custom made machinery?
A. Not normally, but we may make exceptions for the United States Defense Department, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies of the United States government on a case by case basis. We do sell some custom made tooling.

Q. Are the Terms and Conditions of buying from American Machine Tools Corporation ?
Yes. Click to read our Terms and Conditions.

Q. What about the possibility of shipping damage?
Always examine the machine before signing the Bill of Lading and unloading a machine. If there is minor shipping damage such as a scratch or dent please write that on the Bill of Lading so if it turns out to be more serious a damage claim can be made. If there is major shipping damage please refuse the machine. It is best to call us if you spot something wrong. Dont let the trucker pressure you into accepting a damaged machine without writing it down on the Bill Of Lading. It is worth repeating; if there is major shipping damage, please refuse the machine. If you do not follow these instructions, we probably cannot help you with a shipping damage claim.

Q. If I'm going to buy a machine, what are some advantages of using the AmericanMachineTools.com website?
This website is managed by American Machine Tools Corp., an experienced machinery distributor, to insure proper selection, spare parts and service for your peace of mind. Our website will cut the time, cost, and hassle of getting a quote on your machinery requirements. But most important; our staff of industry veterans know how to help you select the right machine. Our formula is: Exceptionally Priced High Quality New Machine Tools backed by Experience, Engineering, Financing, Leasing, Shipping, Warranty, Parts and Service.

Q. How do I go about choosing a machine and getting a quote?
A. Click the category of machinery you need. Examine the specs of each to narrow your choices. Call or click to Request a Quote that includes assistance from a sales engineer. Tell us about what operations you expect to use it for, what materials, and what size. Will you need tooling? Usually the next day we will fax (or email) our detailed quote and follow up with a formal quote in the mail that includes color photos and tooling info. It's fast and our prices are low.

Q. How do I get in contact with American Machine Tools Company if I need to ?
Call us at 773-334-5000, fax us at 773-442-0314 or
Click to EMAIL US
Our mailing address is:
5866 Nothwest Hwy
Chicago, IL 60631
We welcome the opportunity to help you find the best machine or tooling to fabricate your work.

Q. What payment methods are acceptable?
Check, credit card, bank wire transfer, leasing or financing. Net 30 days is available to government agencies, most schools and very large corporations.
We accept credit cards for up to $10,000.

Q. Who is American Machine Tools Company?
American Machine Tools Company manages every request for quote with the advice, specifications, and the low price you need to make the best decisions for your company's machine tool needs. Our sales staff uses only industry veterans with many years experience working in machine shops, die shops, engineering departments and manufacturing plants. Our sales engineers can actually give you advice on how our machines work. We also arrange the parts, service and resources to back up every sale. American Machine Tools Company is also known as American Machine Tools Corp and is registered with the state of Illinois under the name American Machine Tools Inc.

Q. Is it true American Machine Tools does not sell machines for making weapons of mass destruction ?
Correct. If you are planning on buying a machine from us for the purpose of designing or manufacturing weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical or biological), you will not be the first, but please do not attempt to purchase the machinery from us.

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American Machine Tools Corp.
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Phone: 773-334-5000
Fax: 773-442-0314

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